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As Within, So Without

If you’ve been on a spiritual or healing journey, you’ve already seen and consciously experienced this phrase: As Within, So Without.

Personally, over the past couple of years my perception of the meaning has drastically changed – which is the great part about growth! You can look at the same item, idea or experience years later and have a completely different or expanded understanding than before.

When I first heard this phrase, I took it at face value. If I were really happy and joyful, that would be portrayed on the outside for others to see. Simple. What I’ve since experienced and become aware of, are the much deeper energy patterns within that manifest differently in our physical reality.

Everything we see through our physical eyes
is a direct reflection of an energy pattern within us.

For example, my need to control events and situations on the outside were a direct reflection of the lack of control I was unknowingly feeling within myself. Since becoming aware of this particular example in myself, I’ve noticed it’s quite prevalent in our society too. Of course there are MANY factors that lead us to feel out of control within, which I look forward to expanding on in the near future.

In the meantime, do you have any ‘a-ha’ moments or situations you can share as you’ve grown to understand what ‘As Within, So Without’ means for you?


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