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Signs of a Kundalini Awakening

I knew writing a blog would be a form of therapy, but I didn’t realize just how impactful the process would be! While attempting to write How to Detox – Part 2, I was reflecting back to when I started using certain products and why I was driven to make specific changes in my environment. This process brought another layer of memories and experiences into my awareness I wasn’t expecting, and some were difficult to revisit.

At the same time, I came across this article on which listed the Eight Signs of a Kundalini Awakening, all of which resonated deeply and caused me to redirect my focus to this post for now. Those eight signs from Gaia’s post are follows:

  1. Things are Falling Apart, You Have a Nervous Breakdown or Your Old Life Isn’t Working
  2. Physical, Emotional and Energetic Symptoms
  3. Courage, Willingness and Desperation to Try New Things
  4. Miracles and Synchronicities Appear and You Receive Support From Unexpected Places
  5. Increased Sensitivity to External Things (Food, Media, People and Places)
  6. Awareness of Internal Energies, Intuition and Inner Truth
  7. Increased Compassion, Desire to Be of Service and Recognition of Oneness
  8. Sense of Purpose and Destiny

When life is seemingly falling apart, it’s tough to remember life is happening FOR us, and not TO us. Since my nervous breakdown end of 2016, it’s been an incredible journey full of many ups and heavy lows to heal my past and become myself again.

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