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Time for Action

Our reality and what is truly happening on a larger scale in our society is difficult to acknowledge and there are many distractions in place to help people dismiss the truth.

We cannot fix what’s wrong unless we face the real problems.
Personally and globally.

Our children deserve:

  • to be educated and go out in public without getting increasing amounts of radiation
  • to eat foods that aren’t full of man-made chemicals at an affordable cost
  • access to fresh air and nature daily
  • the right not to have metals and chemicals injected into their bodies
  • the right to speak up and be themselves

All of these are already at risk for a variety of reasons and will continue to get worse if we don’t do anything about it.

Yes, there are plenty of positive and great things around us every day and it’s incredibly important to be grateful, but ignoring reality to focus solely on the positive won’t fix current issues.

Our children need us now to take action in any way we can.

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