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While there are many amazing sources of information online, when it comes to healing and mental health it’s so important to use discernment. There are many subtle (and not so subtle) marketing tactics these days and while mental health continues to grow in popularity, businesses and the increasing number of life coaches are unfortunately able to capitalize very easily on other’s vulnerabilities.

I wasn’t always aware of boundaries but personally found meeting a therapist in person to be incredibly beneficial to help guide and identify where boundaries were needed. I’ve also found it helpful to seek information from professionals who’s primary goal is to help others while paying close attention to whether words and actions align, and whether they resonate with me.

Last year I came across a licensed marriage and family therapist from California who shared a printout she had created comparing Healthy vs. Unhealthy Boundaries which I found really helpful. Her name is Kristin Snowden and she can be found on YouTube and through her own website –

Since I printed and placed her chart on the fridge for both myself and my kids to reference, I’ve created a similar PDF for others to download here:

I’m hoping this can be a quick guide for you to see if more boundaries might be needed in your relationships.

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