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Week 7: I’m down!, New Goal Weight and Raising my Consciousness

To be honest, I’m surprised I lost weight this week! I wasn’t expecting it at all since I wasn’t really trying. Mentally I took the pressure off myself and chose to reevaluate my goal weight among other things.

Click to Week 7 Food & Exercise Summary

New Goal Weight

To pressure off myself, I decided to reduce the amount of weight I’d like to lose right now. Originally my goal was to weigh 150 lbs which would be 28 lbs in weight loss, however I remember my natural weight for many years without trying was 160 so I feel this would be more realistic right now.

Once I updated the weight goal in the MyFitnessPal app while still losing 1 lb per week, my calories were adjusted to increase slightly to 1610 calories per day. Precision Nutrition, the company who I’m doing my nutrition certificate through also has their own FREE online calculator available to the public. It has more questions to help determine the daily needed calories to achieve a goal so once I entered my new information there, it resulted in 1670 calories per day. I’m going to meet in the middle and aim for 1640 calories per day and increase this slightly if I do higher intensity exercises.

This also modifies the timeline so realistically I could expect to lose the 17 lbs by mid March or so, but I’m not tied to a date anymore. I’m just focusing on one week at a time and I’ll get to my goal weight when I get there, but this feels much more realistic to achieve right now.

Negative Impact of Social Media and the News

Being so sensitive, I’ve learned the dramatic impact social media and the news has on my overall well-being in recent years. After feeling very disappointed and angry at humanity last week, I’ve taken initiative to stay away from mainstream media as much as possible again and raise my consciousness by putting more focus on positive sources of information, my own goals and learning only what I need to know.

It’s been disheartening and really disappointing to see adults I’m friends with on social media attack other’s character, call people names and just be outright dismissive, yet teach their children not to do those very things. People seem to think the online world gives them a green light to be abusive, then act differently in real life. It’s especially disturbing when the people who are being attacked (verbally or physically) are the ones focusing on the facts that will directly impact the health of ALL families and the ability to choose their own livelihoods.

The power of persuasion to be part of the crowd is very real. People would prefer to do and say things that aren’t aligned with who they are out of fear from being rejected or abandoned rather than stand in their own truth speaking up for things that are wrong and directly impact our children and future generations. And the tech companies know exactly how to manipulate this because it takes courage to stand up for what’s right. What better way to stop people from speaking up than to call people names and get the mass public on board with doing the same. It’s really sad and difficult to watch.

There’s a segment of the population who are working hard on bettering themselves and doing the hard work to self reflect and be more understanding human beings. I praise and look forward to meeting more of these people who are respectful, considerate and accepting of people’s differences and perceptions, while making an effort to understand rather than follow the crowd and gossip. Knowing these people are out there gives me hope.

As Dr Christine Northrup says, “we have to give people the dignity to awaken on their own timeline.” A welcomed reminder.

Map of Consciousness by Dr David Hawkins

Everything has a vibration and this can easily be understood through Dr David R Hawkins work and his Map of Consciousness, which can be purchased here. This is a great reference if you haven’t seen this before.

The higher the number the higher the vibration. Those of us who have experienced a heart chakra opening know how amazing the vibration of LOVE feels which helps to become more aware of how the lower vibrations feel.

The news and social media are at the level of FEAR and it’s designed to be that way. When people are in a state of fear, they’re more easily controlled because the nervous system goes into fight, flight or freeze and we can’t think as well. It’s also been noted as being the dominate frequency for a large portion of the population even when we’re not in a crisis.

Dr Hawkins gives a very high level overview of the chart in this quick 3 minute video:

Embracing Nature & Salt Baths

After starting the week feeling very ungrounded, I reconnected in nature for hours this week. Nature is high frequency and is so grounding.

At the start of this week, we had very warm and unusual weather for this time of year and it felt like Summer in November. Then just like that, over night it became cool again. A reminder that nothing lasts forever and everything has a season.

By the end of the week I had disconnected from the news and gossip, and took a salt bath to cleanse my aura. It had been 3 months since I’d had a salt bath which is unusual for me over the past 3 to 4 years. Salt provides incredible healing and I recommend a salt bath at least once a month! I noticed right after I got out how much better I was feeling and could feel my consciousness rising.

Week 7 Food & Exercise Summary

Part of raising my consciousness this week also included eating more high vibrational foods by the end of the week. More real foods that are alive and full of colour rather than foods that aren’t real with low vibration and weigh me down, physically and emotionally.

Average 1919/day
– Protein bar
– Plain organic Greek yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, salad topper (pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries)
– Ceaser salad with romain lettuce and parmesan, lean ground beef
– Pumpkin pie
– Organic tortilla chips with organic guacamole
– Red grapefruit
– Pistachios
– Protein bar
– Pumpkin pie
– Harvey’s original hamburger with lettuce, tomatoe, mayo, fries and root beer
– Organic tortilla chips and guacamole
226012 min
– Organic blueberries and banana smoothie
– Naked green smoothie
– Ceaser salad with romain lettuce, parmesan and lean ground beef
– Protein bar
– Homemade pizzas with whole wheat tortillas, spinach, tomatoe slices, mushrooms and goat cheese
– Popcorn
2 hour walk
26 min
– Organic blueberries and banana smoothie
– Protein bar
– Spinach pizza
– Fish with honey dijon kale salad (pre-bought salad kit)
– Pistachios
– Organic tortillas and guacamola
227745 min walk25 min
– Protein bar
– Salad with organic spinach, pecans, grape tomatoes, red onion, goat cheese
– Sushi – vegetable and shrimp tempura, tempura yam sushi roll, California roll, chicken teriyaki roll
– Organic tortilla chips
192920 min
– Leftover vegetable tempura, chicken terriyaki and white rice
– Popcorn
– Protein bar
– Leftover terriyaki chicken, white rice, broccoli, salad with iceburg lettuce and sliced tomatoes with house dressing, miso soup
– Apple
130558 min walk
– Gluten free oats with organic blueberries, banana and salad topper
– Protein bar
– Homemade beef stroganoff, Italian bread with butter, small servering of cobb salad, chocolate almond dipper ice cream sandwich
PREVIOUS WEEK (Nov 6)178.2 lbs
WEIGHT LOSS – /GAIN + (Nov 13)-1.1 lbs177.1 lbs
Total cal/lbs lost since Sep 25, 178.6 lbs:5,250 cal-1.5 lbs

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