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Intuition is Our Own Guidance

What exactly is intuition? According to Wikipedia, intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without recourse to conscious reasoning.

I believe through my own experience, it’s how the universe (Divine, God, Spirit or whichever label you prefer) speaks to us through our own bodies in order to guide us on our own personal journey. It’s how many of us can receive or ‘download’ the exact same information, no matter where we are in the world. It’s the inner voice, the gut feeling, the ‘knowing’ of something without learning it prior. It’s our heart and soul guiding us to lessons and experiences, both positive and challenging to help us grow.

Intuition also comes from the pineal gland located deep in the centre of the brain, otherwise known as the third eye or sixth chakra allowing us to see beyond the physical world.

We really can feel the difference in our heart and body when we’re doing something we authentically love vs something we don’t. What’s right for us, and what’s not. Pay attention to how your body FEELS throughout the day as you make decisions and complete different tasks.

When we don’t listen to our own guidance and disconnect from ourselves regularly destruction can occur in all forms. We’re given many clues this is happening in our lives, but we become so consumed with what’s going on in our physical reality that cause us to miss them. Our health can tell us so much about where we are on our journey too. We’re not taught in our society however, to look for these clues or how to interpret them so we ignore and keep pushing forward. Often leading to extreme sickness and forced to stop.

Based on my own experience and observations, when we’ve strayed too far away from who we truly are in our heart and soul, our outside reality will get shaken up (usually quite drastically) to guide us back to our own truth. This point in time also seems to reflect an immense amount of inner suffering – often unknowingly.

Spiritual awakenings happen when we’ve gone too far away from who we REALLY are. It becomes time to strip away the layers and masks we’ve created to protect ourselves in order to heal and be who we were born to be.

Some of us have had an open third eye since childhood and may not have known it (which was my case), while others have opened theirs later in life. While we all have the ability to access our intuition, in this busy and loud world it’s imperative to become quiet in order to hear, sense and feel it. It’s VERY subtle. So subtle, unless we’re intentionally paying attention, we’ll easily miss it. It’s also why it’s important to keep our bodies healthy to keep that channel for communication clear.

As Walt Disney said, “Let your heart guide you… it whispers so listen closely.”

What does listening to your intuition FEEL like? I like to call it an impulse. I can recall one of my first major intuitive impulses many years ago when I was either 17 or 18 years old. I went to visit my family Doctor at the time and told her I was feeling extremely tired and wondered if based on a few symptoms whether it was Mono. I hadn’t done any online research, but I had heard a couple other students in school may have had it at the time and my gut told me that’s what my symptoms were related to. After asking me a variety of questions, she did not do a throat swab and told me I did not have mono. I can remember feeling very strongly she was wrong so I immediately went to a walk-in clinic where I could wait to see one of the doctors there. Sure enough this doctor did a throat swab right away and confirmed I did in fact have mono, also confirming my intuition was right. Sometimes that impulse can be subtle, other times very strong.

It does take courage to listen to our intuition at times, especially when we’re being drawn to step away from what society or our family has been dictating us to do, think and feel. For a very long time, our society has programmed us to behave in certain ways and its ultimately caused so much illness and suffering. We’re now realizing as a collective consciousness how the programmed way of being no longer resonates with what’s best for us and our earth, making it an exciting time to witness more people taking their power back and listening to their own intuition.

TRUST your intuition. It is your own personal guidance for what’s best for YOU.

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